Mother’s Day Tea and perfectly free™ Roses

My mother’s name is Rose, and she loves anything and everything to do with afternoon tea. From the bite sized snacks to the flavored teas served in precious bone china, my mother appreciates it all. So naturally, the best way I can think of to honor my mom for Mother’s Day is with a tea party.

Like many families, my family deals with various dietary restrictions. My son has severe food allergies to dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and wheat, and other members of my family manage conditions like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. These considerations make the typical high tea menu, which is high in fat, sugar and starch, not ideal options to serve to the ones I love.

perfectly free™ Cantaloupe Roses

perfectly free™ Cantaloupe Roses

Luckily, perfectly free™ frozen bites provide the ideal solution for my family. Not only are they  made in a dedicated facility that is free-from gluten and the top 8 allergens, they are also made with non-GMO ingredients and are free-from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Each bite is less than 35 calories with less than 1g of fat, and they are a delicious treat, which makes them an ideal snack. perfectly free™ frozen bites come in cherry, blueberry, rich cocoa and salted caramel flavors, so there’s a flavor for everyone in the family to enjoy!

I made perfectly free™ cantaloupe roses in honor of my mother, Rose. They were simple to make. I cut cantaloupe into thin 1/8″ slices and arranged them in a bowl in layers to resemble a rose. The crowning jewel of the dessert is the perfectly free™ frozen bite that sits in the center of the rose.

This Mother’s Day I will honor my mother with perfectly free™ Cantaloupe Roses and a Mother’s Day Tea Party. The best thing about Mother’s Day is that it allows us to pause from our busy schedules and spend some quality together as a family. This is what it means to #liveperfectlyfree.


This post is sponsored by perfectly free™, all opinions are mine. Note that manufacturing practices and ingredients can change at anytime without notice and readers are always responsible for assuring allergen safety before buying or consuming foods.