Halloween afterthoughts: Fighting food allergies one night at a time

I spent a large part of my morning looking at pictures and reading about how other families celebrated their Halloween. One of the funniest and most memorable costumes was of a mother that was dressed as an Epipen with her photo captioned “Fighting Food Allergies one night at a time.” Laurel is a mother of 2 boys with food allergies. Her 4 year old son is allergic to peanuts and her 10 month old is allergic to peanut, egg and dairy. This summer they had to use an Epipen after accidental ingestion, and she explained that “While epi-ing is something I never want to have either of my son’s experience ever again, I felt like my costume was about awareness and a little bit of fun for something we deal with everyday.”

Thank you Laurel for sharing your creative costume with us. You remind us that Epipens are real world superheroes that have saved many lives, including my sons. Every morning we prepare ourselves for emergencies that may or may not happen, and most nights we can be thankful that despite living in a world full of allergens, our children are safe and we can celebrate another reaction free day.